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Hello! My name Karina Saucedo, a Texas born, Texas raised, Texas State University recent graduate! I am a first generation college graduate and the proud daughter of two amazing humans who immigrated to the United States from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I am extremely passionate about creating content and telling untold narratives. Therefore, I have a deep interest with the way storytelling intermingles with media and how that can create a bridge to understanding one another.

My journey began like many others, on MySpace. Spending an endless amount of time on social media perfecting my page with code, pictures and video lead me to wehere I am now.

I pride myself in my ability to make connections, allowing others to inspire me, taking every day as a learning experience and thinking about others needs before my own.

I like going to concerts, tweeting about the whimsical nonsense that happens in my life, coding websites (like this one), taking pictures of priceless moments, making videos, brunch, traveling to new places with my best pals, el menudo de mi madre, numbers (what can I say, they're soothing), the color #196F3d and my dog, Pettey.

Feel free to see my work, and click around some! Welcome to my site!

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